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At EVERLESS we pride ourselves in creating products that make your life simpler and the planet better.

Work with us to realize your sustainable aspirations by sharing our blueprint for cutting-edge impact: the SmartBag by EVERLESS.

We welcome any business that shares our company values or that is working on the same mission to create a single-use free future.

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Brand your impact, impact your brand

Make a sustainable statement by adding a touch of individuality to your SmartBag.

Whether it’s a company logo, monogrammed initials or custom colour finish, our customisation options are tailored to turn the SmartBag into your branded gadget for sustainable action.

Ideal as a corporate gift, conscious giveaway or as a designer promo item.

Find out more in our linesheet.


Retailers / Wholesale

Are you a retailer eager to collaborate with us or looking for including the SmartBag as part of your product lines?

Explore the EVERLESS linesheet and get in touch.


Collaborate with EVERLESS

Are you fighting for the same cause, have relevant ideas to share or want to collaborate with us on a project?

Please get in touch with us. We are keen on discovering more and exchanging ideas.

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