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Joost de Muinck Keizer
Founder & CEO

Although he is a lawyer by training, our founder Joost de Muinck, is an entrepreneur committed to social change. He started working for reputable firms in corporate law but his heart wasn’t at it.

Living the grind in New York City, Joost got so fed up with the endless stream of plastic bags forced upon him in every store he went, that he decided to do something about it.

This is how EVERLESS was born: to end the waste of disposable bags using impact design. So he set out to create a minimalist bag that is conscious, convenient and ultra cool.

He’s committed to create products that make your life easier, and the planet better...

Joanna Boothman
Head of Design

Designer of the collapsible SmartBag, Joanna is an industrial designer. Her most challenging work is to transform the dreams of entrepeneurs into concrete products. She allows experimentation, invention and design to come together in EVERLESS!

Alex Sprey
Head of Operations

Graduated cum laude in business administration with a Masters in entrepreneurship, Alex is a highly organized and proactive professional. Within his three years working experience, he designed a new product packaging and website, and conducted first marketing campaigns


.Cristina Bonillo Martinez
Communications Manager

Cristina’s long experience in Communication Science, public speaking and International Relations define her interdisciplinary approach to business.

Internally, she ensures all members of the company understand our mission and are aware of the essential role they play to make it happen. In the area of external communications her passion is to empower leadership by providing a strong strategic narrative and reinforcing the potential impact of the company through the right collaborations.

Martina Novakova
Head of Marketing

Experienced in marketing and captivated by the startup environment, Martina could be characterized as a creative storyteller with "do it" approach, sense of responsibility and ability to engage others.

With more than five years of experience under her belt, she has helped bring many impact startups to life and amplify their message of positive change around the world.

Mehdi Hachlaf
Creative Marketer

A multilingual creative marketer and branding guru with 4 years of international experience under his belt and an eye for luxury brand management and fashion advertising . After acquiring his BA in Marketing Communications and PR, and shortly after an MBA, he moved back from London to Amsterdam to start his Digital Marketing career and he is willing to take the EVERLESS brand communications by storm through his creative instinct.


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